What is the Pyrard?

The pyrard (shown above) is a geometric object that I discovered in 1999. It is essentially a three-dimensional *hexagram. By making certain cuts to a hexagram I found it could be folded into the 3D object that I call a "Pyrard". The name derives from its pyramid-like shape (with three sides) and my last name Sherard, thus "pyrard". The most fascinating thing about the pyrard is the "self-similar" nature of it. From a single hexagram an infinite number of three dimensional pyrards can theoretically be created. At the center of any pyrard is another hexagram 1/2 the size of the original hexagram. From this hexagram another pyrard can be created, and so on. So from the finite, the infinite is created. The first objects I created were made out of construction paper. I later designed a brass sculpture with the help from a sculptor friend of mine. The brass pieces were laser cut and then carefully bent into place. The complete sculpture is still under construction will eventually show three different size pyrards each twice the size as the next going from 6 in., 1 ft., 2 ft. in length.

*A hexagram is commonly referred to as the "Star of David" but is in fact a very ancient symbol seen in many cultures and was used as far back as ancient Egypt.

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