Construction of Pyrard
Geometric Construction of the Pyrard
The creation of the pyrard begins with a hexagram, as shown in the diagram to the right. Then three lines are drawn (shown as dotted lines) from corner to corner of the hexagram. From this geometry another, smaller, hexagram can be drawn from intersections of the dotted lines and a side of a triangle. If certain lines are erased at this point, what remains is the inner hexagram and outer “wedges” of the original hexagram. The wedges are then delineated by coloring every other wedge black. What is shown in the bottom row is what remains of the original hexagram - the smaller (by one-half) center hexagram and the outer wedges, one set marked black the other set marked white.

The wedge sections are not to be detached from the inner hexagram. Instead the white sections are folded up and the black sections are folded down. I've made a rough diagram of the top folds. The top section of a pyrard is shown to the right with the proper folds. The complete pyrard is shown below.